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Astra Premium Site Better Platform to Showcase Beautiful Websites

Looking to find more about your Astra Sites? You can improve Astra Sites by using Astra Premium Site. Yesterday, I got it from Down47.com

Do you need a better platform to showcase beautiful websites, images, and videos in order to attract more clients and customers to your business? Using the WP Portfolio plugin, you’ll be able to group them together and make a good first impression on everyone who sees them.

The Astra theme was developed and launched in the middle of 2017 with the goal of providing a quick, simple, and convenient solution for website creation. It was created out of a need for a theme that was compatible with page builders, but wasn’t bloated or overly complex. Astra is designed to be the fastest multipurpose WordPress theme available, and it can be used to create business websites, blogs, online stores, and even websites that offer online training.

Today, Astra is the only non-default WordPress theme that powers more than 1 million websites and has received the highest number of 5-star reviews on the WordPress theme repository.

Everybody knows that it’s difficult to start with a blank page and design an entire website from scratch. Making a starting point with some initial content and setup is always beneficial because it gives you an idea of the possibilities and how the final resultant could look.

As a result, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Astra Sites today. It is a straightforward plugin that provides Astra users with access to a number of visually appealing websites that they can import with a single click.
What is the procedure for doing this?

The Astra Sites plugin can be found in the WordPress repository and can be installed. Once it has been installed, you will notice that it has a number of sites that are directly accessible from our Cloud Library. Look through it and pick a site that appeals to you the most.

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Any completed website can be viewed on the same page as the WordPress administration area. Check out the requirements and plugins that are required to replicate the demos on your site in the following section.

Install the necessary plugins in order for the settings of those specific plugins, as well as any associated data, to be imported. Import the site after the necessary plugins have been installed.

And that’s it! Your website should be complete with all of the initial content. Start tinkering with the settings. Make the site your own by customizing the text, images, and settings to meet your requirements. Some of the sites that are available for import are listed below:

Restaurant Construction Makeup Artist Electrician Gardener Hotel Agency Restaurant Construction Makeup Artist

Some frequently asked questions are as follows:

Since we soft launched this plugin, we’ve received a large number of inquiries from users who were both excited and curious about it. So, here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

How much does this set you back?

The Astra Sites plugin is completely free, and it comes with a certain number of free sites included in the package. Feel free to import and use them as you see fit with no obligation. We will be announcing a pro package in the near future, which will grant users access to premium websites. It will cost approximately $249 USD / year to use this service. Included in this package will be the Astra Pro Addon, as well as several bundled plugins.

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Astra websites have been designed using a variety of page builders.

At the moment, Elementor is being used to create all of the free websites that are available. Aside from that, we are also working on sites that have been built with Beaver Builder. They will be made available as soon as possible.
Is it possible to deactivate the plugin once the site has been imported?

Sure! This plugin simply establishes a connection with our cloud server and allows you to import a website quickly and easily. The Astra Sites plugin can be deactivated and deleted after a site has been imported into it.

Will you be adding any new sites?

Yup! Every month, we aim to visit at least two to four new sites.

How many different types of sites will be added?

Our current primary focus is on small and medium-sized businesses. However, in the near future, we will cover other topics such as eCommerce stores, online courses, membership sites, and so on.

Is it possible to brand these websites with a different name?

Not at this time. However, we are putting together a plan. Once we’ve finished, you’ll be able to easily display all of these sites on your website after we’ve finished. This way, your clients will be able to recognize them as belonging to your brand and select the site that they prefer, which you will then customize for them.

Do you have any additional questions or suggestions? Please feel free to leave a comment and we will be happy to respond.

Because of the Astra WordPress Theme, this plugin is considered an add-on. It provides access to the best-in-class library of over-equipped websites that can be easily executed and kept in your website’s database.

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Learn more about how you can gain access to our extensive library of readymade websites that are built using Beaver Builder or Elementor. Our experience gained from running a successful web design business for over a decade has been put to use in the creation of these complete websites.

You can easily make changes to them to better meet the needs of customers or to complete tasks more quickly than previously!

Astra then thine preferred page builders were used to create conversion-optimized web sites for their clients.

Websites that are ready to be imported Websites built with Astra and your favorite page builders that are optimized for conversion. Starter Templates can be imported with a single click! It shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming to create visually appealing websites, in our opinion. Why start from the beginning when you can access professionally designed websites with a single click? Require: Astra is a free WordPress theme. Astra has over 800,000 users who use it to create amazing websites.

Developed by Astra Themes, the Astra Pro WP Portfolio Plugin is a premium plugin that enhances the functionality of the Astra theme, which is a free theme. The core theme is simple, uncluttered, and designed to provide only the features that the vast majority of our users would require. Astra Pro Addon, on the other hand, provides additional customization options and other features.

Create professional websites in less time, with less effort, and with better results than ever before.


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